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The Greek jewelry Guide


With much to discover, from ancient Greek classical jewelry to today's contemporary designs, it is easy to lose oneself in the endless possibilities. After years and years of immersing ourself in the Greek handmade jewelry scene, we thought we could help out distinguishing the most popular styles for you with this guide. Below is how Vergina is categorizing each style. Lets go!



One immensely popular fine jewelry style in Greece is bold feminine statement jewerly that has fantastic stones as centerpieces!

This kind of style is very likely to be inspired from nature by letting the natural beauty from the stones speak. The quality in these bold pieces are not only in the material itself but also in the artistic skills of cutting the stones. If you look closely you will see that pieces made in this manner are cut with unusual angles and advanced techniques, everything makes sure the stone will shine in its natural glory.

Our specific selection DREAMING is inspired by the Greek landscape and sea, the colors are purely vibrant and natural. The artists behind this selection are a duo from Thessaloniki. They create free spirited and pieces that show us how to dream.




 Let's dive into the contemporary Greek design scene!

Here we find straight lines, movements, a range of different metal surfaces. Chunky pieces, and more detailed-oriented ones.

At Vergina Gallery our most popular contemporary style EDGE is mate gold plated silver - or gold pieces, boldly intertwined with oxidized silver, in a dance without symbols and stones. Through this approach, the designers gets access to our minds and opens up for play.




 If you are a jewelry lover and have an explorer mentality - the up and coming oriental style might be of your taste!

More and more designers are embracing a feminine and retro-inspired language. We see flattering pieces where the center stones are uplifted by swirling silver. Pearls, symbols of ancient Greece like the SPIRA for eternity, spiritual symbols like snakes or owls. Macrame jewelry in different earthy tones.

The Oriental selection at Vergina offers Greece's most popular designers in this style.




Once you are visiting the historical place that is today called Greece it is a must to explore the revival of Neo Hellenic jewelry. In this style you will find a range from replicas to new interpretations of our rich jewelry history. Byzantine inspired pieces or adornments accompanied traditional folk customs. If you are in Athens, don't miss out on the Cycladic Museum which is wonderfully showcasing this matter.

Our selection Greek Roots explores these vigorous footsteps in Greek History and combines it with today's flavor.



The last style we like to shin light on is the delicate timeless. Usually, we find small decorative objects in pendants, earrings, rings or bracelets. Different semi-precious stones or diamonds. Focus on the highest quality in alloy as possible creates the opportunity for the piece to live forever and to be handed down to the next generation.

We warmly recommend you to invest in delicate gold pieces that are made in Greece as it will guarantee you good working conditions, environmentally friendly processes, all according to EU regulations.

Our timeless GOLD selection has all of the above and we can make sure it has the absolute best quality since we know all our artists in person.

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